Monday, 8 July 2013

Why Small Towns?

Hi Righteous Perverts,

I’m so glad to be blogging for you today.

Confession: I’m a lurker with RP. I pop in from time to time and comment but mostly I just read and enjoy your postings. It’s a tight community and reminds me of my hometown in many ways, which holds many wonderful memories for me. That little city is a place where everyone really does know your name. You see friends and family everywhere everyday—the grocery store, restaurants, outdoor concerts, and more. 

What I love about RP is the way you support each other. There’s a bond that’s evident to me. Also, I am so thrilled of the support you’ve given me and other authors, especially those of us who write erotic romance books. The genre we write in is a tough one. Coming from a small conservative community myself, I’ve heard it all. Don’t get me wrong - I love small towns.

Perhaps that’s why I write my dream versions of small towns.

Wilde, Nevada is located in the northern part of the state. It’s a mining town and has been around over 150 years. Named after the founding family whose descendants still live in its city limits.

Five brothers were the start of the entire Wilde sagas.

Austin was the one that came into my imagination first. His book ended up being the fifth one in The Wilde Brothers 6-book serial. He’s the one that just won’t leave me alone, waking me up at night with all sorts of ideas. Yes, it sounds crazy, but my characters become real to me. I actually go through a grieving process when I finish their individual books, knowing I won’t ever be as close to them again. I think that’s why I have them show up in other people’s books. I want to check in with them and see what’s happening in their lives. Are they expecting a child? Are they still in love? That kind of thing. As I reader and for the same reason, I like when an author brings back characters in later books. Though Austin was the first, I still enjoyed his four brothers very much too. Jackson was the sweetest one. Phoenix was the artist and so very sexy. He had me in book one, which wasn’t his book, when he took the reins with Jessie. She got to open up and have a wonderful experience with him and Jackson. Dallas was pure cowboy. Denver was the serious brother, who kept the balance with all the rest.

The next serial I wrote set in Wilde was last year’s The Strong Cowboys. I stretched my limits with six brothers and one very lucky woman—Charlene (Charly) Wynn. Drake, Heath, Dax, Nate, Tobias, and Seth Strong. They were so fun to write.

I left writing serials after getting a ton of feedback from readers who enjoyed the books but wanted standalone stories set in Wilde. That’s when I wrote for Siren-Bookstrand’s APP as a free read – A Wilde Wedding Night. It’s a prequel set in the 1950s with one character seen in the two series and three others that were mentioned. If you’ve got an iPad or iPhone, you can get it and nine other stories from Siren authors at
An expanded version of the story will be released August 8th at Siren. I love Carol’s story and her three guys. Plus, it was fun for me to see Austin as a baby.

Wilde continued with Her Twin Wilde Cowboy Masters, which came out earlier this year, and was followed by my latest book Her Three Wilde Champion Men, release date July 12th. The next visit to Wilde will be in Oct/Nov “if the creek don’t rise.”

My new town is just as welcoming and quirky as Wilde.

Destiny, Colorado keeps my fingers flying over my keyboard these days. I love the mayhem, the Russian mafia connection, the belief in dragons, Blue’s Diner, Lucy’s Burgers, TBK, and yes, I even have a love-to-hate feeling for Kip Lunceford. But what holds my heart the most about Destiny is the people. Women find true love in the arms of their Doms. Right now, there’s three books released set in Destiny. Devoured by Doms, which is about Erica, Dylan, and Cam, will be out August 19th. I’m finishing up Tamed by Texans this month and will start on Beloved by Brothers next month, both of which will be out later this year.

Confession: I write these books for myself as much as my readers. Wilde and Destiny are places about love and acceptance, something we could use a lot more of in the world.

Thanks for letting me share.



Chloe Lang

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  1. Chloe I loved the first series of Wilde and I believe you rock. I lived my whole young life in a small home towns. I look forward to getting lost in Destiny very soon. Thanks for loving your work so we get quality when we read too. Love ya

  2. Chloe ...I have loved everything I have read of yours ..The Wilde Brothers, The Strong Brothers,...Her twin Wilde Cowboy Masters and Her Three Wilde Champion Men...have loved them all and can't wait to dive into Destiny.... <3

  3. I couldn't agree more. We need more love and acceptance in the world today. What better way to share them, could there be than with books filled with HEA's?

  4. I too come from a small town Chloe and living in a city is sometimes hard. That is one of the reasons I like my books to be set in small towns and your towns are all kinds of awesome.

  5. Thank you for the comments and feedback. Hearing you enjoyed my stories means so much to me.

  6. I haven't read all your books yet, but I am working on it. I totally enjoy reading "small town" stories. You manage to capture all the good and bad aspects of small town life in your stories. Please keep them coming.

  7. Chloe, I love you!

  8. Hey Chloe, small towns are where I prefer to live now. I was born and raised in a large city, it's nice to visit now and then, but I'd go nuts living there.

  9. In the town I grew up in the newspaper printed all the ambulance runs and when the sheriff was called out to a home. Seriously. Being anonymous there is impossible. On the flip side, everyone really pulls together to help each other. Small town living is still where my heart is. Thanks for all the feedback.