Monday, 1 July 2013

Guest Author Hennessee Andrews !!!

Greetings, Perverts!

I’d like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’m Hennessee Andrews and I’ve been writing for the last few years. My first erotic romance came out in May 2012. The first few books have been in the M/F contemporary genre, most starring cowboys. Mmm, got to love them cowboys.

After completing five straight M/F works I found myself interested in alternative romance. Why I love writing M/M is a mystery to me, but I love it. My first M/M was, A Hard Bargain. The book has lovers and haters. You see, I don’t write overly emotional men or overly feminine men. I also don’t like reading about those types either. It comes down to preference. I like my coffee straight black while others prefer to add cream and sugar. It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong. It is what it is.

From what I can tell about myself and the change I’m undergoing, I find that my appetite in the erotic romance genre is changing. I will still write the occasional M/F, but expect to see more M/M and hopefully soon….MENAGE. I guess I’m the shy kind of girl that needed time to get my feet wet. Whatever has happened since turned me from meek to wild. LOL.

Recently I volunteered to write a story for the Love Has No Boundaries event. The concept from the M/M Romance group was designed with readers in mind. Readers requested a book to be written based off a picture. In their request, readers tell authors what they want to read. Once posted, authors sort through the requests and find a story they’d like to write. When I found this picture and prompt, I was sold.

Dear Author,
These two guys were childhood friends. They tried to hide their relationship in the rodeo but they got caught, so they ran away. That is when they found the gay rodeo. HEA please, and not too much angst.

Excerpt: “Can you leave Kansas and never look back?”
Macon choked on his food. “Of course I can.” He coughed. “And it isn’t like we’ll be sequestered here and unable to go home to visit if we want to.”
“True.” Wade sipped his coffee. His other worry was how his family would take the news if they knew where he'd moved to. Likely his father would say, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” Or something equally as sarcastic. The man wouldn’t be pleased, but hell, he hadn’t been happy with him during the last eight months. It was time for Wade to make his own decisions and not feel compelled to please his father.
Men finished up and dropped their paper plates in a large trash can. They filed out toward the barn, all getting ready for the day ahead. Wade and Macon finished up as well and joined the ranks. As they walked, Wade laughed. “I feel like we’re heading into battle. The only problem is we don’t have a flag.”
Macon snickered. “I’m going to laugh my ass off if when we get there and they’re flying a rainbow flag.”
Wade shook his head. “I may be what society deems gay, but I’m not ready to ride around with a rainbow flag declaring it.”
“Everyone knows and I say fuck 'em. I’m tired of worrying what others think about me. If they don’t like it, they can suck it.” Macon spoke with anger lacing his words.
“No, they can’t.” Wade’s lips curved into a grin. “That’s my job.”

ROUGH IN THE SADDLE is a free read! Here is the link. Enjoy!

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  1. Rough in the Saddle was my first Hennessee book and I like it. I will be adding her to my ever growing collection.

  2. Wow that sounds great that you let yourself evolve and hell with the haters because there will always be those that don't like what you deliver I look forward to reading this book. Cheers again

  3. I completely agree with how you like your men!

  4. Thank you Cherie and Shmuttmeister Dowds! RP rocks!

  5. Hennessee you're awesome lady! I'm proud to call you friend. I loved Rough in the Saddle, and I loved the concept of the event too. Keep easing into the water, you'll love it in the deep end!