Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Trippin

So this is a weird blog for me. I know I am shocked too. It has nothing to do with music, movies, books, hotness of men or women. Anyway, I am going to talk about traveling. Normally, I like to drive to as many places as I can. It is usually cheaper, and I like the ability to get out of the car and just look at things that interest me or not. I remember being a kid and Momma packing us up in our grocery-getter and heading out on the road. It was always a surprise because she never told us where we were going on a trip. Hell, I think most of the time it was a surprise to her. She was just like that. She would get it in her head that she wanted to go somewhere and, in a week, we were on the road. She always found the money somewhere to take us places. Yep, we slept in the car and in tents, but it was an adventure.

I still travel like that when I can. The year my niece Elizabeth graduated high school, my sister (not her mother) and I were going to go to Texas on vacation. We planned on going the week she graduated, but we would have missed it. So we decided to leave the morning after her walking across the stage. We had no idea what to get her so we just packed her up and took her with us. I had rented a car for the trip, and we stuffed it to the gills. I bet we couldn’t have gotten another thing in it. Did we have a plan? No. We just headed down the interstate and drove till we decided to stop. We went from small town southern Illinois all the way to Oklahoma before we picked Tulsa to stop and spend the night. Not a lot to do in Tulsa after dark but hey, I found the police station and the fire department. I was disappointed to not see men at either place.

The next morning saw us shoving everything back into the car and heading out again. We had no idea where we were going or what we wanted to see so we just drove and when something seemed interesting, we stopped. We hit all the major towns and saw some of the sites but really, we had more fun just driving. I remember hitting Dallas (Dealey Plaza in a carriage), San Antonio (River walk and Alamo), Brownsville (Elizabeth wanted to go into Mexico. What a mistake). We headed home on another interstate and stopped in Houston. I would have just driven through but Pork Chop (my sister) is a huge NASA fan so we spent the day there. I will have to hand it to her, though. It was interesting.

This was the first road trip I had taken that lasted more than a day’s drive. I had a great time just driving down the interstate with the tunes turned up and yappin with my sister and niece. I had done roadtrips before with them, but it was nice not to have to worry about traffic or checking the time to see if we were late or going to be too early.

The next roadtrip I took was with Mia Ashlinn, My Author PIA. I picked her up in St. Louis for our trip to Kansas City, Mo for the Romantic Times convention. I have made this trip a couple of times and loved it. The difference was that I started out early in the morning and had no time table. This time it was around six pm when I snagged her and we had a three hour drive ahead of us. Of course, it had to rain, sleet, and snow the entire drive. Not that big of a deal, but I actually had to pay more attention to the road. Not to mention it was dark so we missed some of the fun sites. We spent a couple of days in KC then headed out on our next adventure in Kansas.

Yes, Mia was brave enough to get back in the car with me. We headed down I-35 to Chanute, Kansas. It was a nice peaceful drive filled with lots of Maroon 5 and yapping. We arrived and ate at a Pizza Hut before spending an hour or so driving around and watching Mia take a ton of pictures. We then headed back to St. Louis. Mia and I probably spent close to 10 hours in the car that day and you know, I had a great time. We have been besties for almost two years and I probably learned more about her on that trip than I ever have talking on the phone with her for hours.

In a month, Mia and I will be on another roadtrip. Actually two trips. She and the hubby will be picking me up in Nashville before driving me into the back hills of Tennessee (please pray for me). I will be spending three or four days at her house then we will be off to Savannah for Authors After Dark. This time she will be driving unless I can’t take it and steal the keys. I wonder just how fast her car will go. Hmmmmmm.

Do you roadtrip or do you prefer to fly or take a train?

Sinfully Sarcastic,

Okay, I can’t help it. Here's one song for a roadtrip


  1. Wow I have never done a road trip but that sounds awesome. I love driving i drove from Canberra to Sydney a few times for a day trip the freedom of the road is awesome. I hope you have an amazing time with Mia. I look forward to the stories that we hope to hear from AAD . Great blog i could picture you and your family when you were young. One day i may have enough money to come over and get lost in the states. there is always a place in my car for you if you dare.

  2. So this blog is great timing...because I just got back from a road trip about 2 hours ago....we drove from Florida back to Kentucky today....I love coming down to my moms because we usually end up somewhere....we have been to Gatlinburg TN, to Nashville,Orlando, Daytona and Panama City Beach FL.... I like being able to just jump in the car and go...we usually end up getting lost a time or two but manage to always find our way..... I like the road trips but also like to fly only because it gets me there quicker and most times because of that blasted thing called a job lol I'm on a timeline so the quicker I get there the more time I have to stay.....great blog Tina...can't wit to hear what mischief you and Mia get into this time ;)