Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Push My Buttons

Red, green, yellow, blue. It doesn’t matter, but I like to have a couple of my buttons pushed. Nope, not the ones that will push me to kill people, but the ones that make my blood run just a little bit faster in my veins. I know you have no idea what I am going on about but, if you will just give me a moment, I will tell you.

I am talking about actors, singers, dancers, and famous men who will get me all hot and bothered just by being. Now I can appreciate a hottie like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, but I am going to write this blog about a few that, for some reason, are not as well-known as sex symbols.

One of my top 10 would be Vincent D’onofrio. I have no idea why, but something about him just pushes every button I have. He is a great actor and there is just something about his presence when he is on the screen that does something for me. His passion and commitment to a character is astounding. He always brings a depth to the characters that some actors don’t. When he is portraying Detective Robert Goren on Law and Order Criminal Intent, you can almost see the wheels turning in his mind.  One of my favorite things about him is the fact that he is 6’4 and in no way a small man. As a matter of fact, I am listening to him while I am typing this. Law and Order Criminal Intent, one of my favorite shows, is playing in the background.

Next on this list is Richard E Grant. I know, not a name that a lot of people know, unless you watch a lot of British shows or movies. He is not classically handsome but again, there is something about him when he is on the screen that draws me in. One of my favorite things about him is that no matter what role he is playing, you can see in his eyes that he wants to make a smart assed comment. His wit is one of the biggest draws for me. He is so intelligent that it sometimes astounds me the way he can make a simple role seem so pivotal when he is either writing a screen play or directing a movie. To see an example of his best work, you should watch The Scarlett Pimpernel. I watch this miniseries several times a year.

Another Brit that I love is Damien Lewis. Yes, I have a ginger on my list. I can remember watching him in Band of Brothers and recognizing him from little parts on British shows. He starred in one of my favorite shows, Life, and he was so quirky and adorable. I watch the Forsyte Saga because he is one of the stars and listening to his accent. Mmmm good. He is another one of those actors that just stands out when he is on screen. He has won numerous awards for his Showtime series, Homeland where he costars with another great actress, Claire Danes. The chemistry between the two is explosive.  Again, not classically handsome, but he brings such intelligence to each and every character that you can’t help but fall in love with him—just a bit.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you about my obsession with Supernatural. I love the chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. These two might be my ultimate ménage. They are not only handsome, but they are also great actors who are not afraid of making fun of their good looks. This is one of the many, many things that makes me love these two men. I have watched every episode and some more than a dozen times. Luna and Mia will tell you of my Sam-and-Dean-athon that I took earlier this year. I watched all six seasons back to back. If I was at home, I was watching my Sam and Dean.

I have by no means even scratched the surface of my hottie selections, but I don’t want to overload you with hotness. Besides, I will need topics for later blogs, and I know that we can always find a way to write about the hotness that is my closet of men. Hell, one day I may even write about more of my girl crushes, but we won’t get there yet.

So tell me…Have I hit any of the men on your hotness list? If not, please—by all means—introduce me to some men that I need to add to my list.

Sinfully Sarcastic,


  1. Damien Lewis - Yes
    Jensen and Jared - Hell yes

    I am a sucker for Karl Urban. Something about his voice or maybe because he reminds me of "the one that got away," years and years ago. and btw, I have seen many a fine ginger ;-)

    1. How the hell did I forget the oh so yummy Karl.

  2. Goran Visnjic- Good lord this man makes me melt. See him on old episodes of ER and in Practical Magic. He is the epitome of man.

    There are quite a few that wet my whistle but he is delicious. Madame Tina, I do love your introduction to some yumminess that went under my radar. Oh who am I kidding? I never have time lately to catch up on eye candy so I need you to show me the money lol! Well written blog baby!

    1. Goran yet another man in my closet of hotness. Maybe one day when you are a very good girl I will let you roam the closet Taylor.

  3. How about all the above!! YUMMY

    1. What you don't have some suggestions for me?? I just knew I would be able to count on you for some random man candy suggestions

  4. I love the supernatural guys. I am no where near caught up on all of their highjinks but they are awesome. I loved Law and Order Criminal intent. That lead actor always had be so absorbed in the show as you said you could see his wheels turning. I love Magee is it on NCIS I think he is hilarious. And on Criminal minds the actor that plays Reed. Sorry I suck at knowing their names. Amy Karl is a Kiwi so I have to agree with you on his hotness too.

    Great blog again even if the posting early was a brain Fart. xoxo