Wednesday, 24 April 2013



This is a blog about sexy. Yep, like Justin Timberlake, I am bringing sexy back. Wait, did it even leave? I never really got that but whatever. I was looking for hottie pictures, and this made me think of things that I find sexy. Most of you are going to say that there is nothing that I don’t find sexy on a man but believe it or not, there are some things that just don’t push my buttons. So today we, or rather I, am going to talk about things I find just yum. I am not talking about their personality, which for me is the sexiest thing, but their physical beauty.

I know most are going to say that it is a guy’s eyes. Yes, I too find a man’s eyes sexy, but they can have beautiful eyes and still not be sexy because they are not communicating with me. I am very picky about eyes. I have seen some pictures of men with just drop dead gorgeous eyes, and they just looked vacant. I know sometimes it is just the camera angle and lighting, but I really need there to be something about them that draws me in. This is one of the reasons I love Jensen Ackles. There is just something about his eyes that always makes me want to know what he is thinking.

Lips. Omg, do I love a nice set of lips on a man. There is nothing worse than a weak set of lips. I want lips that I can nibble on. Not like chick lips but just right. When I talk about lips, don’t take it literally. I am talking about the laugh lines, too. If a man has those then I know that he doesn’t take everything so seriously and is able to laugh.

A strong jaw just sets me off too. I like a nice hard look to a man. I know lots of people like that baby face and it has its place, but give me a man with 5’oclock shadow and wow.

I want a chest wide enough for me to sleep on. It doesn’t have to be overly muscled but damn a good chest is hard to find. We will skip over my fondness for nipple piercings because that is another blog along with tattoos.

Now I know this is going to be strange one and, yes Luna and Mia make fun of me for it, but I love a sexy belly button. I like innies and outties equally and if a man has a hint of both mmmmm good.

Mia has a fondness for hands and really, I think most women do. We like that they are strong and yet they can be so gentle.

Now just for Taylor Berke I am going to include feet. I am not a big fan, but there is something sexy about a man in jeans and bare feet.

Now that backside. There is not a woman I know who doesn’t love a good ass on a man. There are some that are just so delish that I want to smack and bite it, and I have a hard time deciding on which I want to do first.

Shoulders also hold a special appeal to me. I love going up behind a man with broad shoulders and just resting my head on them. I like when they look like they can carry the world, which makes me feel safe and protected.

I know there are lots of things I didn’t cover on sexy men, but we don’t have that kind of time and you know I can always write another blog. So what did I miss that you find sexy?

Sinfully Sarcastic,


  1. Nope but oh my gosh, ok you will probably want to kill me but who is the strong jaw guy? I know I have seen photos of him but what shows etc is he in? And thank you from the bottom of my heart for the introduction to Jensen. At the moment for me I think a guys hands are tops I would just love to find some one who would hold my hand and caress my knuckles while talking to me. Thanks for sharing your Hotties T. i luff ya for it

  2. The Strong Jawed guy is Henry Cavill. He will be the new Superman but he was also in the Tudors, Immortals, Cold Light Of Day and lots of others.

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    1. I know I sometimes get lost when I start looking for a picture for something.

  4. Thanks for the man candy!

  5. The 5 o'clock shadow/goatee look is HOT HOT HOT, and my biggest weakness is the shoulders too. If a man has broad strong shoulders I know he can hold me when I need him too. The eyes don't do as much for me, but in a photo they will draw my attention, and the belly button doesn't make a diff to me at all. However, I love a man with strong forearms. The veiny muscular forearms are hot to me. Great post Schmuttmeister!

  6. With all these Hot pic of guys I'm drooling, but I do like a smile, too. A wicked, sexy smile that spreads into the creases of a rugged face. Yum!