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Melissa Schroeder's A Little Harmless Fantasy

Hello, everyone! If you don’t know me, my name is Melissa Schroeder and I write all kinds of books. I am best known for my Harmless series, which is mainly a BDSM series and MAINLY set in Hawaii.

I recently released A Little Harmless Fantasy which is the first ménage of the series. I have had scenes in some of the other books, but I never had a committed ménage before. When I first introduced Maura and Zeke in A Little Harmless Lie, I knew they would end up together. It took me a year or so to figure out how though. I knew they would be part of a ménage, but as I tried to come up with something to work, I could not seem to find a good fit. Then, Rory popped up.

Rory is one of those tortured kind of guys. Okay not really tortured but he’s had a hard life and he tends to be a bit of an ass because of it. Zeke and Rory have been on and off lovers for years, but this time Rory has made a commitment to stay. The only problem they have in their relationship is Maura. Zeke is still in love with her too, and Rory doesn’t like that. Proposing a threesome is one way for him to control it.

I have written ménage before and I have written one MMF prior to this. ALH Fantasy, though, was kind of emotional for me to write. I wanted to make sure that everyone’s relationship worked out the way it should and that the reader didn’t feel short-changed.  There are actually three relationships outside of the ménage (Rory and Zeke, Maura and Zeke, Maura and Rory) and I wanted to develop them well enough the reader felt satisfied.

Here is a little peek at Rory telling Maura just what they like to do, something Zeke had kept from her before:

A LITTLE HARMLESS FANTASY-read the entire first chapter

He straightened and set his glass on the counter beside him before approaching her. With every step he took toward her, her pulse increased. Having Rory concentrate on her and only her was almost too much for her to take. Her nerves were sparking with an energy that she hadn’t felt before in his presence.
“Zee didn’t call it off because you couldn’t give him what he needs.”
She snorted to hide the pain. “I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.”
He settled one hand against the counter then the other, effectively caging her in. She felt trapped, but for some reason, she didn’t want to escape. Her nipples were hard against the lace of her bra and her mouth was suddenly dry. It was just like when they had been at her car.
“Zeke never explained it to you, did he?” Rory asked, his voice drawing the words out, his Irish accent thickening.
She shook her head because she could not speak. All the air in her lungs seemed to back up and her throat clogged. He was looking directly into her eyes and she felt herself melting.
“Zeke doesn’t like to play at BDSM.”
She sighed and inwardly cringed at the wistful sound. She hated that she sounded like a little lost girl.
 “I know.”
“I do though.”
She shook her head even though she knew it was true. She had heard the rumors, but she had never believed it because Zeke hated BDSM. He didn’t like playing either role with men or women.
Rory nodded, one side of his mouth curving up. God he was driving her crazy with small gestures. No wonder Zeke was so in love with the man. He could probably seduce the most conservative man into bed.
“And here’s a little secret,” he said, his voice rougher than before. He leaned closer until his mouth was against her ear. His warm breath feathered against her skin and she shivered.
She needed to get some control over the situation and, not to mention, her body. “What’s your secret?”
He chuckled and she realized he had been waiting for her to ask. “Well, love, Zee likes to watch.”


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  1. Wow hello Melissa, i love your books, i just have trouble keeping up because there has to be time to fit in the other great authors too. Mt first Menage that I read was written by Sophie Oak, Small Town Siren, then i have also read the powertool series by Jayne Rylon and well the list just continues. I love to read stories that link so i can see how the HEA is truly progressing. All the best with all that you do. Cheers Cherie

  2. Whoa! Rory sounds like my kinda man! :P Personally I love to read all menage's except the FF ones. The more M the better in my opinion. :) And I like everyone to love on everyone. I'll be picking this one up for sure~

  3. I love reading menage with MMF being my favorite. Something about those strong men loving each other does it for me. :-)

  4. Thank you Melissa for breaking the author blogging cherry, and the first give away. Menage i like mfm or the mmf or mfmm love it when the Dom comes out to play too.

  5. Hey Melissa!!! Love your Books and I think my first Taste of menage was in one of your books I want to say it was chris/cynthia/evan if I remember right....I was hooked and found more menage books by reading Lexi Blake/ Shayla Black Masters of Menage books..... I love your books and LOVE the characters and how they all play a roll in someway throughout the series!!!! Thank You for being AWESOME!!!

  6. Hi Melissa! <3 fan girl love here.. I Love reading menage.. MFM is my fav.. But I also like a lil MMF Who am I kidding? I just love... LOVE. The more the merrier :)
    Chris NoOnw

  7. I really love MMF - it has to eb fully committed to be balanced!

  8. I like to read menage when it's M/F/M. I don't get into it when it's 2 women.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

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  10. I'm sorry if this some how posts twice, my laptop is being a pain again....HERE GOES AGAIN..

    I enjoy reading menage stories that are M/F/M or M/M/F. I have yet to read a story that was the same sex only and liked it. To me there is just something in the dynamic of both sexes in a menage relationship that is truly wonderful to read. I have enjoyed your Harmless series and so look forward to reading about Zeke, Rory, and Maura.

  11. Hi Melissa, well what can I say , your books are stunning and provide me with hours of reading...I love reading them more than one...its a coffee, a doughnit and your good books...nothing compares! well almost nothing!

  12. Chris- you are the winner (number 6 picked in random.org). Please email me at MelissaATmelissaschroederDOTnet so we can hook up.
    Thanks everyone