Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Contemplating St. Patrick's Day

I am reflecting over my heritage, which is a mix of Irish, Scottish, English, French and American Indian—Cherokee to be exact.

Wondering what a romance novel would be like centered in Ireland with magical, little elves running around with their pots of gold in meadows carpeted by shamrocks for the lovely lass and lad to find each other.

Or what about a story with men in kilts playing the bagpipes on the hill as two young lovers enjoy a warm summer day.

Or a tale of an English lady swept off her feet by a handsome ruffian who turns out to be the prince of the realm.

Or perhaps an account of a poor French maiden who while stomping on the marquis’s grapes is approached by none other than the lord himself, who she finds incredibly handsome.

Or a story about a young innocent virgin captured by an Indian chief, who falls madly in love with her.

Mmm…all have merit but none are clicking with me at the moment.

That’s a little glimpse into my crazy writer’s brain. Something catches my attention. A little kernel of an idea. Sometimes it lands on fertile ground in the gray matter. Sometimes it doesn’t.

One that did was the very beginning of what became the town Wilde Nevada—which is where The Wilde Brothers serial, The Strong Cowboys serial, and the latest series, which is titled simply Wilde, Nevada, take place.

It started with the idea of what would happen when a virgin arrives at a town where the common and accepted practice is men sharing one wife. That little seed germinated for sometime in my imagination until one day it was all I could think about. The first person to inhabit all my thoughts was Austin Wilde. I still love him to this very day. Jessie came next and then the other four brothers. I’ve said it before—these people are real to me. (Don’t turn me in to the men in white coats, unless they are sexy Doms…he he he)
I’m always so anxious to see what will happen next in the lives of my friends in Wilde and now also in Destiny, Colorado.

But I have drifted, haven’t I? Back to St. Patrick’s Day and my Irish heritage.

A traditional blessing on you, my dear Righteous Perverts:

May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!



Chloe Lang

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  1. Well hopefully third time is the charm for this dang comment. tech is hating me tonight. Chloe i find that when the characters are real to the authors that they translate to the page that much better. Also thank you for the blessing I need it