Thursday, 30 May 2013

Romantic Times Part Deux

(Said in my best tv announcer voice) “In the last episode of Mia and Tina’s saga, we found out that they are yappy and insane. They spent Friday….Oh to hell with it. If you want to know what we did, go and read the last blog. And now the continuation of The Romantic Times Convention.”

Tina: “I woke up with you staring at me again and that is totally moving into the creepy territory. But let’s move on. You went to take your shower while I chatted with Lori. Then we switched, and I showered. While we were sitting there and chatting, I got a text from Dylan that said he was in town. So we went down to get your books out of the car and see Dylan.”
Mia: “Oh yes, Dylan.” (winks)
Tina: “We met Dylan in the lobby while Lori showered.”
Mia:  (grins) “I have to say I was excited to meet him after hearing about him so much. Although, he was a lot taller than I expected.”
Tina: “He asked if we were going to go to Knuckleheads to watch the concert.”
Mia: “And you said no because you were hanging out with a bunch of women. Boy, that shocked the hell out of me, seeing how much you were flirting with the poor man.”
Tina: “You guys should feel special.”
Mia: “Oh, I did. I was feeling the love.”
Tina: (laughs) “We were gone so long Lori texted me and said she was going to order room service. So we headed for the car to get the books.”
Mia: “Yeah, we lost the car, and it took us forever to find it.” (snickers) “My bad sense of direction must be rubbing off on you.”
Tina:  (ignores Mia) “We went back to the room. By now, Tara was up.”
Mia: “Yep.”
Tina: “We sat around and talked for a while.”
Mia: “Us? Talk? Never.”
Tina: “I know. It’s shocking that we would sit around and yap.”
Mia: “No joke. Why would we want to talk to each other? It’s not like we don’t do it all the time.”
Tina: “We finally went down to the signing.”
Mia: “Yeah, Tara and I had to go get our books stamped.”
Tina: (chuckles) “That’s when Lori and I went to get in line.”
Mia: “Mmhmm, where the security guard tried to stop me and Tara for cutting line when we joined you.”
Tina: “I said, No. You guys were with us.”
Mia: “That was a good thing seeing that Tara and I were about to get at the back of the line. But you gave him the scary face, and he backed down.”
Tina: “We had to stand in line then we had to go up the escalator. Finally, we ended up getting there.”
Mia: “After what seemed like sixty-nine years.” (grumbling)
Tina: (chuckles) “I was just happy that we got there.”
Mia: “Me too. Although, I was about to vomit from nerves.”
Tina: “I herded you in because we wanted to make sure we were in the front of the lines because we really wanted Maya Banks.”
Mia: “Hell to the yes. We did.”
Tina: “We saw Reggie and Kasi first, and I yelled, Oh my God! It’s Reggie and Kasi Alexander!”
Mia: “And I blushed furiously.”
Tina: “Yep, because you always do. We ended up talking to them for a little bit. We moved on until we noticed a long line, and we knew it had to be Maya.”
Mia: “And I wigged out and said Oh my God! Oh my God It’s Maya Freakin Banks!”
Tina: “You did get a little squirrely.”
Mia: “I couldn’t help it. You have a Melissa Fuckin Schroeder obsession. I’m all about Maya Banks. Well…and Lora Leigh and Lucy Monroe and Sophie Oak. Let’s face it. I’m an author junkie.” (chuckles)
Tina: “Then she was really, really nice when we got to her. And she told you to come around the table for a picture with her.”
Mia: “And I almost had a heart attack right then and there. I think the only thing that stopped me was I didn’t want to humiliate myself in front of the writing goddess known as Maya.”
Tina: “I took the picture.”
Mia: “I still can’t believe I could stand upright next to her. My knees were wobbling the entire time.”
Tina: “It was kind of funny.”
Mia: “Which part—the I wanted to vomit, the fact I almost had a heart attack, or that you ratted me out to her?”
Tina: “I totally ratted you out.”
Mia: “Yes, you did. You told her something about me being an author and how you dangle her books in front of me like a carrot to move me along.”
Tina: “We wandered down the line.”
Mia: “I saw Juniper Bell and had to stop and introduce myself.”
Tina: “We loaded up on swag.”
Mia: “Yep.”
Tina: “We stopped and saw Shayla.”
Mia: “After that, we saw Eden Bradley.”
Tina: “You totally fan-girled.”
Mia: “And I didn’t tell her who I was, even though we talk online all the time. I used my real name rather than my pen name.”
Tina: “I giggled ‘cuz I thought it was funny that you don’t really initiate conversations.”
Mia: “I’m shy, hooker.”
Tina: “Yeah right.”
Mia: (gasps) “I am!”
Tina: “That is true. I just have to get you wound up.”
Mia: “Which you do a lot.”
Tina: “Yeah. Totally do it. I guess that’s what I’m for. That’s the only reason you hang out with me.”
Mia: “Bull. I love you, and you know it.”
Tina: “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”
Mia: “Blah blah blah.”
Tina: (laughs) “Wow, you’re so inventive.”
Mia: “Bite me.”
Tina: “Not my job.”
Mia: “How often have you said that to me?”
Tina: “More times than I can count.”
Mia: “Mmmhmm. Let’s get back to the signing…We went to several tables that had no one in line because we felt bad for the authors. We wanted to make sure and be super nice so they felt better because a few of them looked kind of sad.”
Tina: “I can’t believe you made me be nice.”
Mia: “I can’t believe you were nice.”
Tina: (laughs)
Mia: “Just kidding. You are really nice. You just don’t like to show it.”
Tina: “A lot of people snickered when they saw our Righteous Perverts bag.”
Mia: “I can’t tell you how many signatures I had by the word Perverts.”
Tina: “Yeah. I had so many that they had to start signing on the back.”
Mia: “Because you’re so much cooler than me.”
Tina: “Yeah. I’m sure that’s what it is.”
Mia:  “Yep.”
Tina: “Then we did our second round where we saw Jules Bennett because this time she didn’t have a line.”
Mia: “Oooh. And I finally talked to Dana Marie Bell, who is fabulous. I got Sabrina Jeffries’s autograph for my MIL, too. Totally got me brownie points, by the way.”
Tina: “We ended up throwing out our highlighted list of authors to see.”
Mia: “Well, it was a waste of time.”
Tina: “A lot of these authors weren’t there. They were at the e-book the signing the day before.”
Mia: “Oh yeah. It was the day before. I missed out on several of the authors I wanted to meet.” (coughs) “Annmarie McKenna” (coughs) “Man, I love her books.”
Tina: “Yeah. We didn’t have tickets to that.”
Mia: “I think that is about the time you went to the restroom.”
Tina: “Yeah, I had to pee. When I came back out, you were talking to your hubby.”
Mia: “Actually, I was squealing in his ear about Maya Banks. Not long after that we ran into Lori and Tara.”
Tina: “Tara and Lori told us about the bands for Lora Leigh.”
Mia: “And I hauled my heinie over there to get one…where I squeed and bounced up and down because I was going to meet Lora Leigh!”
Tina: “You were excited—to say the least.”
Mia: “Um, hello! It was Lora Leigh.”
Tina: “I only read her shifter books.”
Mia: “OMG! I’m obsessed with her Bound Hearts, Tempting Seals, and Elite Ops. Seriously, Wild Card is one of my favorite books of all bloody time. The copy I had her sign is my second one because the first book fell apart from my numerous readings. And still, this copy is creased and worn!”
Tina: “That’s moving into stalker territory.”
Mia: “I resent that.”
Tina: “After we met Lora, I suggested strongly we go back to Eden and you actually talk to her.”
Mia: (snorts) “Right. You dragged me, hooker.”
Tina: “I did not.”
Mia: “Practically.”
Tina: “Whatever. I just said we should go back and you should tell her who you are.”
Mia: “Did I end up saying who I was or did you rat me out to her, too?”
Tina: “I did.”
Mia: “That’s right. I’m such a wuss. Although, when she found out who I was, she squealed and hugged me, which made my day.”
Tina: “Once again, you went behind the table, and I loaded up on the swag. We talked about missing R.G. Alexander.”
Mia: “And a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember because I was so flipping excited” (glances at word count) “Dude, we’re at almost 1500 words.”
Tina: “That’s because we’re yappy so we’ll continue this blog on Monday at your blog.”
Mia: “Works for me!”

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Sinfully Sarcastic,                Love and Cherries,
 Shmuttmeister                           Mia

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  1. Sounded like a blast! I'm planning to go next year!

  2. I have nothing to add really. I had so much fun meeting people at the signing! I got to meet some of my favorites: Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr, Maya Banks, Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, Cassandra was a blast!

  3. As always great work. Next year I will be squeeing when I meet some or most of you guys. xox I have never read Maya Banks I guess it sounds like I should.

  4. Y'all are too cute! Wild Card is one of my all time favorites as well. I wish I would have known we could bring our own books because I would have totally had her sign that one!

  5. I can totally picture you two sitting in a couple of chairs yammering away saying these things!