Monday, 5 August 2013

The Language of Love - Bianca Sarble

The Language of Love

At first, I thought I'd write this blog post about how the online world of erotic romance allows people who would have otherwise never met, to become the best of friends. How it's so lovely to have a group of friends that are just as kinky, if not more so, than me.

While that’s true, there are times when the language differences provide many a WTF moment! For example, if you told someone "get your thong out of your fanny" in Australia, you'd get more than a strange look and possibly a black eye.

Being an Aussie who writes stories set in America, my car parks become parking lots, boots become trunks and arse became ass. The cultural differences don’t end there. But, that’s one of the reasons I love my online groups who can explain that stubbie holders are also known as coozies (apparently not pronounced like cooties LOL!) and how peanut butter and chocolate apparently tastes delicious!

The flip side is, of course, we get to scare the non-natives with our cute and cuddly wildlife and giggle at the looks of horror at our humble spiders. Another benefit is the fact that when I do get to travel one day I have lots of couches to camp on and locals to show me all the pervy places.

What do you think? Have something you need translated into Aussie? I’d love to hear what you come up with and have a crack!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Once upon a time, in a land called Australia, there lived a delightful young girl named Bianca who loved to read. As she grew older, her sarcastic tendencies and warped sense of humor became evident, as did her preference for raunchy romances. Now, as well as reigning over their 1/4 acre kingdom with the handsome Prince that stole her heart and feeding their ever-growing children, she not only reads everything she can, but pens her own deliciously sexy stories.


  1. Even though I only live over the ditch in NZ i still needed to translate sometimes for my Aussie friends on what I was talking about.. Like Judder bars which were called speed bumps and like asking if I could use some twink and they asked did I mean their white out lol. Thanks for sharing and I am sure it is fun having translation issues, I know i sometimes call out for translations in the groups that I am involved in. Have a great day Bianca.

    Strewth you are on pearla of a Sheila...

  2. Cherie, you're a bit of a pearla of a sheila as well!! It's funny how simple things can be so different in a different culture. It helps to have a very flexible sense of humour I think :)