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Randi Alexander- Guest Blogger

Finding New Ways to Give Her Pleasure

Thanks to the Righteous Perverts Pulpit for letting me take over the blog today! I’m Randi Alexander, and I write erotic romance. My newest release, Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day has some scenes that I like to call “innovative sex.”

When you’ve read as many erotic romances as I have, you see a lot of the same things going on in the bedroom. (Or on the couch, or up against the wall, or…well, you know what I mean.) There are only so many ways to do it, after all, and the challenge for writers is to find something new and fresh.

In the first book in the Cowboy Jackpot series, Christmas, Gigi and Boone share a fetish, so their kinky scene is really fun. In the second book, Valentine’s Day, Dallas lets loose of his conservative cowboy self and shares a naughty sex scene with wild and uninhibited Kira.

But how about the cunnilinguis? How many ways are there for a man to make love to a woman with his tongue? To create a different, interesting, and titillating experience, I had to first use my imagination to devise positions, then do field tests to make sure they was actually doable. (Such a difficult job I have!)

In Christmas, Boone uses his “signature move” on Gigi, and she’s extremely (and loudly) impressed! In Valentine’s Day, Dallas finds a new fascination with Kira’s thighs, and creates his own new oral position by turning her on her side and moving in from the back. The excerpt is below, and I hope you enjoy it as much as Kira did!

When I create a romance, not only do I like to find inventive positions and kinky fetishes, but I enjoy offering a number of different sexual experiences. It’s a challenge to fit them all into a short story because I like long, intense scenes, but I enjoy writing a good, solid story plot, too. And that’s why Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day ended up ten-thousand words longer than I’d planned!

What’s your favorite type of bedroom scene? Hot, intense, and fast? Or slow, emotional, and sensual? Leave a comment for your chance to win an e-copy of Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas.

Blurb: A fortuitous spin of a Las Vegas roulette wheel links New York accountant Kira Morrow and rodeo bareback rider Dallas Burns. The heat that has flared between them since their first meeting threatens to burn out of control as they share sinful nights and hot days. As their mutual distrust resurfaces, the flames quickly die. Only when Kira walks out of his life forever does Dallas realize he needs to stop letting past hurts prevent him from opening his heart to love. Is it too late to repair the damage he’s done and reclaim the heart of the woman he’s fallen for?

Excerpt: Kira's brain fuzzed and dimmed. Her sexy cowboy with his head between her legs had already stoked her so high and hot, she could come with his next lick. She'd never experienced anything as tender and sensual as Dallas's seduction.

Lying on her side, she looked down and forced her eyes open. The dimming in her head was due to the sun dropping below the mountains, but the fuzzing was all him.

His dark head lay on her thigh, his short hair soft against her skin. His hands on her legs held her where he wanted her as his lips created magic that pulsed in her core and flooded her pussy.

"God, you taste good." His muffled voice reached her as he sucked her swollen folds into his mouth.

Reaching down with one hand, Kira tunneled her fingers through his hair. Her breathing sped and her hips and ass tightened. Tingles of pleasure raced through her belly and climbed her spine to batter at the precarious control she held over her looming orgasm.

He shifted and his tongue plunged into her slit, fucking her in a slow rhythm that started her shaking.

"Dallas, I'm close."

"Sweetheart, hang on. I haven't eaten my fill yet."

She dropped her head back and concentrated on holding off, centering her thoughts on his talented mouth.

Placing hot, open-mouthed kisses on her pussy lips, he touched her everywhere he could reach. Her thighs, her mound, then, finally, her clit. His lips sucked her bud, gently at first, then he nipped it between his teeth and set his tongue fluttering quickly, ingenious little flicks that sent a bolt of heat racing up her spine to blow her control to pieces and send her spinning wildly into a manic orgasm.

He held her bucking hips as she left her body and twisted through waves of pleasure so intense, she couldn't catch her breath. Darkness engulfed her, punctuated by lightning streaks of delight as his tongue worked faster, sending her deeper.

Another orgasm ricocheted through her, making her scream with bliss. She reached complete weightlessness and slowly descended, returning to her body, regaining her brain function, and quivering down low where Dallas softly kissed her and lapped up her juices.

"Sweetheart. Nothing has ever been so right."

"So good," she managed to pant. Twin orgasms that shook her, body and soul. Could she survive the orgasms he'd give her with his cock pounding deep into her?

He lifted her leg, left the bed, and within seconds spooned himself behind her, holding her tight, kissing her ear, her neck, and whispering gentle words. His cock lay hard and hot against her ass.

"Dallas." She forced open her eyes to see the spectacular colors of the sunset over the twinkling lights of Vegas. "You were brilliant."

He chuckled, and the vibration worked its way into her. "Glad I pleased you, ma'am." He nibbled her shoulder. "Twice, if my accounting is correct."

A lazy smile curved her mouth and she turned to look at him.

In the evocative lighting, his eyes shone, dark and passionate.

He kissed her, filling her with the taste of beer and whiskey combined with his natural spiciness and the lingering taste of her own juices. His scent invaded her and she breathed deeply of musky male.

Her nipples puckered and a chill raced along her spine. She wanted more. Wanted all of him, inside her, on top of her, taking her, taking what he wanted from her.

"Kira." He whispered the words against her lips. "Let me make love to you."


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  1. OH MY !!! I guess I will be shopping when I get home from work. Thank you Randi

    1. Yay! Thanks for shopping, and for hosting me today. You're awesome, Shmuttmeister Dowds!

  2. I find I really like reading steamy scenes that have some easy sweet loving as the cool down period I love to see the emotion after the FIRE. Thanks for sharing Randi hope you have a great day.

  3. I like the hot and steamy but there has to be tenderness thrown in somewhere. I don't care if it's simply a cuddle at the end.

  4. I've read Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas, and even reviewed it on my blog. It was fantastic. This new one is on my TBR list, and I hope to get to it soon. :) I loved the "inventive" scenes in the first one!

  5. Randi is trying to reply ladies but blogger is hating on her

    1. Woo-hoo! The Reply button is working for me today! LOL. Technology is so much fun.

  6. Cherie, I agree, I love both the fire and the sweet. Thanks for stopping by!

    Yvette, definitely love cuddling. It's a great opportunity for the characters to reaveal a softer side of themselves.

    Hi Lori, glad you liked Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas. Hee hee - yep, the inventive scenes were kind of wild, but I like it a little naughty!

  7. That's one of the reasons I enjoy your work so much, you continue to provide fresh ideas. I thought Cowboy Bad Boys was an impressive example of your talent at providing a wide variety of distinct yet always nice and spicy tales!

    1. Thanks so much, Elf2060, I appreciate your taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. Hugs!

    2. Congratulations Cherie Clark! Using Randomizer .org, your comment was chosen and you've won an e-copy of Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas! Please contact me at Randi (at) RandiAlexander(dot)com to collect your prize, and please tell me which format you like to read in.

      Thanks, everyone, for dropping by, and a big Spanky Thank You to Shmuttmeiser Dowds for all her work on this awesome blog.