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Fantasy Fix

Before you continue reading I should tell you that I just found this blog from over a year ago. Luna and wrote this and I miss her so I wanted to post it.

The Demented Duo are Back to Blog Another Day!! Totally sounds like a movie title doesn’t it. Today’s blog is brought to you by Pepsi, Lipton, Ruffles and Hostess. There that is our product placement, I wonder if we can get some free stuff from that promo. Yep, we are sugared up and it is late so this should be interesting.

No, we are not going to tell our deepest, darkest, twisted fantasies at least not in this blog. That may crop up in the porn blog though so keep checking back. This blog is actually a continuation of our wordy television blog. This is the blog we were going to write till we got sidetracked by our childhood tv memories.  

Fantasy what a wonderful word. So a cop who sees monsters, two demon hunting brothers (who happen to be hot) and prince charming go into a bar…………  yep totally sounds like a fantasy for us. Have you figured it out yet Miss Marple? No? Fine we will tell you what today’s blog is about, it is about fabulous fantasy based shows that we are fixated on.

The first show up for discussion is Supernatural. Wow, how the hot keep getting hotter. Season eight is done and the guys are just as hot now as they were when the show started. Now if you have lived in a cave for the last eight years let us tell you a bit about the show. Two brothers were taught by their father to hunt supernatural beings after their mother was killed by a demon. Did we mention that Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) are delicious.

Although Dean and Sam are the main characters there have been a lot of supporting characters that we have loved and hated. Their father was played by  Jeffery Dean Morgan (hot). Dad died when he traded his soul to save Sam. This brought Bobby to the show who became the surrogate father to the boys. He was their go to man on all supernatural info until they killed him off. They have been helped by other supernatural hunters like Jo, Ellen and Ash. Then there is Castiel the Angel in a trench coat( love him). 

Now what do the brothers really do you ask? They hunt down demons, vampires, and trace all weird beings and mysterious goings on. A lot of these are based on urban legends, folk lore, classic mythology and ghost stories. All of these things are accompanied by a classic rock soundtrack and Dean’s classic 67 Chevy Impala that he lovingly calls Baby.

Supernatural is one of the best written shows and they never take themselves too seriously. Every word is written with tongue firmly in cheek. This is never more apparent than in The French Mistake. If there is one episode that we would recommend to someone this is it. The show has all kinds of hidden snarky moments and if you are a faithful watcher you will catch them. Even though this show has scary moments it is not your normal gross out horror fest. We both put this is in our top 5 shows.

Next up for the Demented Duo is Grimm. Love, love, love this show. I checked and yep it is a three love show. Even though we are only on the second season I can’t imagine that we will ever fall out of love with Grimm. One of the reasons we love it is its originality. They have a totally new take on the monsters of the Grimm fairytales. This show is well written and the actors chemistry is amazing. David Giuntoli plays Nick a Portland cop who finds out when his aunt is dying that the family has a supernatural talent. They are called Grimm’s and their ability to see the true beings behind the masks that they wear as humans. Nick’s life is complicated because he has to hide the family secret from his fiancĂ© Juliette(Bitsy Tulloch). Juliette has no idea of the monsters that lurk in their human skin or Nick’s ability to see them.

In the past his family hunted down and killed the Wesen otherwise known as the monsters from the fairytales. Nick is a different kind of Grimm, he asks questions to determine if the Wesen are a danger to humans or each other. He is helped in his job by his partner Hank played by Russell Hornsby. When Nick needs help with a Wesen problem he calls on Monroe ( Silas Weir Mitchell), what can we say about that Blutbad (the big bad wolf), other than we love him. He brings some much need fun to each episode.

There are several ongoing storylines, but they do not confuse you as a watcher. Captain Renard is played by the talented Sasha Roiz. He has his own secrets as a half Wesen bastard prince. We can’t wait for each new episode to air so we can watch it and then have a discussion on what we think is going to happen next.

The third and final fantasy fix is the fabulous sophomore show, Once Upon a Time. Another ensemble cast with amazing chemistry. The entire cast has dual roles in this show. The story starts with Henry an adorably precocious child played by Jared Gilmore. He is given a fairytale book that he believes is the story of his town Storybrook, Maine. He runs off to Boston to find his birthmother Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and convinces her to take him home to Maine. His adopted mother is Mayor Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla). When they reach the town Regina antagonizes Emma so she decides to stay in Storybrook.

The book was given to Henry by his teacher Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin). Henry believes that all the stories in the book are true and sets about convincing Emma to believe them as well. He tells her of the curse that the evil Queen Regina has placed on Fairytale Lands. The Evil Queen believes that Snow White betrayed her and that is why she cursed the lands. The only one who can break the curse is Snow White and Prince Charmings’ daughter.

The curse took the memory of everyone who lived in Fairytale Land and moved them to Storybrook. When Emma checks into Granny’s Bed and Breakfast, Mr Gold (Robert Carlyle) hears her name and it triggers his memory and he remembers his past life as the evil Rumplestiltskin in Fairytale Land.

Episode by episode you are introduced to both the current character and their fairytale counterpart. Henry must convince Emma that she is the daughter of  Snow White/ Mary Margaret and Prince Charming/David Nolan (Josh Dallas). She is the only one who will be able to break the curse and with each episode she believes a little more. Finally Emma believes when Henry is accidently poisoned and she and Regina must work together to save his life. Woven into the both stories you have the classic fairytale mixed with a new twist, and that is one of our favorite things about this show.  

If you want to escape reality for a while try one of our fantasy fix favorites. Or do you already have them all on your dvr?

Sinfully Sarcastic,          and the
Shmuttmeister               Lost Luntic

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