Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Joy Of ......

Nope,this is not about sex well I guess it could be but it’s not so nanananana. This blog is about skype. Yes, I will admit it I am a skype whore. I talk to a couple of people daily on skype. Why do you ask?? Because I am a yappy bitch. Most of the time I am chatting with Luna but lately I have been skyping with Mia. Why would I want to do that, because I feel sorry for her. I am just messin with Mia, in truth it is because skype makes it so much easier to multi-task. For instance as I type this we are both writing a blog, me for The Righteous Perverts Pulpit and she is writing one for her personal blog. Well kind of she is writing for a blog hop. This makes it easy for me to tell her she is doing a great job (even when she sucks).

I have found that skype is both a blessing and a curse. Let’s start with the blessing. I guess that means I have to be positive so this may kill me. I have had skype for over a year but it has only been the last couple of months that I have started my love affair with it. It started out as a way to screw over the phone companies who charge way too much to call The Great White North. So suck it AT&T.  I am I know I am getting ready to ramble on about the evil telephone companies but I have caught myself so back to the blog. I only have a few people on skype mainly because I don’t like people but I also think that it is because most people have not thought about using skype or are afraid of it. I know I was one of those who had no idea how to use it and really still don’t but I can figure it out and if not I am not afraid to call someone and ask. Now I guess I should clarify I do not use the video part of skype because I like to skype nekkid. Yep, that put a bad visual in your melon didn’t it. I am just messing with you……….. maybe.

Now I am going to talk about skype courtesy. Yes, I know most people use it but there are some that are oblivious to it. Please warn someone if you are going to be eating while skyping. If you feel the need to eat try to munch on something that is not going to be too loud. It is just kind of gross to hear crunching on the other end of the call. By the way if you are skyping and eating chips I just visualize that you are gnawing on a dog biscuit. Next up is leaving the computer while talking. When Luna and I skype we both take a break at the same time to refill our drinks or take a tinkle break.  See we have a plan when we skype, we are just good like that. Now the one I am guilty of is sometimes while I am yappin’ my sister will step into the room and ask me a question or just yell it at me. I will answer her or just flip her the bird depending on where she is. I try not to do it but sometimes it just happens.

On to my favorite thing which is bitching. One of the evils of skype is the fact that the call quality sometimes is bad. There have been many a time that while I am in the middle of watching porn with Luna and Mia that skype just drops the call. It is very annoying and I want to hunt down the techs and beat them. The other thing the we have had happen is that a commercial with randomly start playing. I have no idea what that is about. I have had to contact them for things like that but for the most part I just bitch about it and fill out the surveys. 

There you go that is my take on skype and I think that most people should use it. Now since I like to ask questions here is today’s. Are you a skyper or do you still spend a small fortune on your phone bill?

Sinfully Sarcastic,

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