Monday, 17 June 2013

Ten Minutes Inside of Lori King's Brain......

What better way to share my characters than to let you see them as I see them? First off let me tell ya, it’s pretty crowded in here. I’ve rounded up all of the willing men from my various books and works in progress, and yes, this is really what it’s like in my head.

Cast of participating characters:
From Apache Crossing: Xavier, Tyce, and Noah Dawson
Nathan Blake and Paxton Novak
From The Gray Pack: Devin Gray, Liam Gray, Owen Gray, Cash Gray
Ryley Whetstone
Other WIP: Austin Curtis, and Kendrick McClure
Rogan Brooks

Tyce Dawson: “Lori, if you wanted to have a chat with your sexiest characters, why in the hell did you bring along a pack of wolves?”

Liam Gray: “Because she has good taste. It only took her a few weeks to write my book, but it took her a whole fucking year to write Sidney’s Triple Shot. I’m telling you it’s because werewolves are hotter than Marines.”

Noah Dawson: “You wish. She had more to say in our book. The kinkiest you got was taking your girl against the back wall of a bar, dude.”

Owen Gray: “My heroine should be a blonde. I have a thing for blondes.”

Ryley Whetstone: “Hey Lori, I’m thinking you should write a follow up book starring me, Rafe, and Shandi. We still have things to say.”

Austin Curtis: “You wolves always seem to be talking. She can’t write your bonus scene right now, because she’s writing our book. It’s sure taking her long enough.”

Me: “Hey! I’ve been writing non-stop for four weeks trying to get Point of Seduction done, give a girl a break! Ryley, I don’t have time to write a follow up for you yet. Besides, Dreams of the Wolf isn’t even out until August, and then I have to finish Whitney’s story, and Owen and Cash—“

Cash Gray: “Wait a second! I don’t need a woman in my life! I’m happy to just sing on stage and rescue a damsel in distress from a burning building every now and then. No need to rush on my part.”

Rogan Brooks: “Well if he doesn’t care when his book gets written, why don’t you finish writing ours first. My brothers and I’ve been sitting around getting blue balls waiting to know what happens with Rachel ever since you posted that teaser on your blog.”

Me: “I promise I’m getting to it Rogan! I really want to finish your book, but the readers want to know what happens in Apache Crossing first.”

Paxton Novak: “Hell yeah! That means she’s writing my book next!”

Noah Dawson: “Will you write a follow up to Sidney’s Triple Shot? I think you need to tell the next chapter in our story too.”

Me: “Noah, not right now. And sorry to burst your bubble Pax, but Nathan and Jaxon got to me first.”

Paxton Novak: “Fuck.”

Nathan Blake:  “Mmmm yes we did. See Paxton you just need to learn how to Dom her into getting your way.”

Xavier Dawson: “That’s why our book was first. I just had to get serious with Lori, and she fell into line.”

Me: “Wait a second! I did not fall into line for you guys, Sidney just tore at my heart and I needed to give her a happy ending.”

Devin Gray: “So does this mean you’re not coming back to The Gray Pack for a while?”

Me: “Well, Dreams of the Wolf will be out in August, that’s Thomas and Bryson’s book, and I’ve worked on Whitney’s book a little, but I have to finish Point of Seduction before I move on. Then I’ve promised Apache Crossing 2 is next on my list. So yeah, it might be fall before I can get back to Whitney and Caress of the Wolf.”

Rafe Whetstone: “That’s disappointing.”

Kendrick McClure: “So in Point of Seduction can I have a kick ass car? I really like cars.”

Me: “I’ll think about it, but I brought you guys here to ask you questions about what you’ve been up to lately, now I think I’ve used up all of my time just answering YOUR questions. Geesh.”

Devin Gray: “I’m sure the readers will understand. By the way, the Diego pack is still at our Den, so I need to spend more time talking with their Alpha, I was thinking we should have a meeting with Delaky—”

Nathan Blake: “Lori I wanted to talk to you about my membership in a club. When you write my book you had better give me a good club to visit. None of this wishy washy shit that Xavier doled out to Sidney.”

Xavier Dawson: “Wishy washy? Are you kidding douche bag?”

Paxton Novak: “So do you know who my heroine is yet? I thought I might have a chance with Sidney, but the Dawson’s got to her first.”

Me: “Yes I know who your heroine is, but no I won’t tell you yet. Nathan, I will make sure you’re not a wishy washy Dom, but unless you know of a club that’s opened in Apache Crossing, I can’t just give you one.”

Nathan Blake: “Why not? You’re giving Kendrick a car.”

Me: “I am not giving Kendrick a car!”

Kendrick McClure: “Why not? What did I do?”

Me: “You guys are so exasperating.”

Austin Curtis: “Did you write in that I like to play basketball on the weekends? I think the readers will want to know that.”

Cash Gray: “Why don’t you write a good murder mystery book for me to star in, instead of one of those girly romance novels.”

Tyce Dawson: “Our book was not a girly romance novel, it was raw and powerful. Are you going to at least write some scenes into Nathan and Jaxon’s book about the Dawsons? Readers really liked us, so I think they will want to know more about us.”

Kendrick McClure: “Even if we live on an island, I still need a car to get around. I was thinking a black Camaro, or a blue Aston Martin.”

Me: “Enough! I’m going to go and write now. Everyone but Austin, Michael, and Kendrick go away! I’ll come back to you later!”

Now you see why I’m so flighty? These characters bounce all over the place in my brain. I adore them and despise them at the same time. I better get back to it now, otherwise they will take over and I won’t get anything else accomplished for the next several days.

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As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori King


  1. Wow wouldn't it be great to be sitting around with all these hot hunks of men....trying to out do each other...I think it would be fun to watch.....and what would their woman think of all their machoness....Lori that brain of yours is crowded with some beautiful minds

  2. My favourite part in all that was hearing that Cash is getting his own book soon woo hoo. I would love to have visit of some of those guys and lucky me all I have to do is get on my Kindle and oooh lala. Cheers Lori. xoxo

  3. This was great, Lori! I really enjoyed reading it, and can't wait to read more of your work! :)

  4. Replies
    1. You love talking to me. :)